Evosun Lens

Get the protection your eyes need in any light conditions


just 1 pair of
eyeglasses for any
light conditions

KODAK EvoSun Lens changes from naturally clear indoors
to fully dark outdoors in bright sunlight. On cloudy days or
early mornings when a fully dark lens isn't required,
KODAK EvoSun Lens can provide the right shade of darkness
to protect your eyes. Hence, providing comfortable vision
for the wearer in any environment.


Protection from 100%
of damaging UV light

UV rays from the sun can be extremely harmful as they have a direct and
cumulative impact on eye health and can cause eye conditions such as
cataracts and certain cancers. KODAK EvoSun Lens filters out 100% of UV,
reducing exposure to these harmful UV rays.

Who Is It For?

The outdoor adventurer

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