UVBlue Lens

Shield your eyes from harmful blue light and UV rays


Filters out harmful
blue light while letting
in the good, and blocks
out 100% of UV rays

We spend an increasing amount of time in front
of digital screens that emit high levels of harmful
high-energy blue light. That can lead to eye strain,
visual fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness.
KODAK UVBlue Lens comes with the technology
to screen out harmful blue light and protect your eyes.

High energy blue light is everywhere

  • Daylight

    As sunlight is not filtered
    by the upper atmosphere,
    it contains a high proportion of
    harmful blue light.

  • LED Backlit LCD

    LED is a common light source
    for back lighting the LCD
    screens of modern devices,
    and they usually emit harmful
    blue light in shorter wavelengths

  • Fluorescent

    ‘Daylight’ fluorescent bulbs
    offer strong white light but
    emit high levels of harmful
    blue light.


Protection from 100%
of damaging UV light

UV rays from the sun can be extremely harmful as they have a
direct and cumulative impact on eye health and can cause eye
conditions such as cataracts and certain cancers.
KODAK UVBlue Lens filters out 100% of UV light at 400nm,
reducing exposure to these harmful UV rays

Who Is It For?

The digitally active

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